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Student & Staff Surveys 

Surveys are a useful first step to find out how campus constitutes feel about policy change, and whether or not they feel they are experiencing any negative effects of tobacco-use on campus.

College Environmental Scan Form (CYAN)

Student Survey Template (CA)

Student, Staff & Faculty Survey (NC)

Policy Resources 

The items below will help your campus plan for a seamless transition to a 100% Smoke & Tobacco-Free Campus. 

Sample 100% Tobacco-Free Policy (CYAN)

Tobacco-Free Rationale (CYAN)

Sample Tobacco-Free Resolution (CYAN)

Model Policy (ANRF)

Cessation Resources

Become an Ex

This is Quitting

QuiTxt - University of Texas 

Fresh Start - American Cancer Society

Freedom from Smoking - American Lung Association

NJ Quitline - NJ Department of Health

NJ  Quit Centers - NJ Department of Health


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