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Tobacco-Free College Task Force

The Tobacco-Free College Task Force (TFCTF) was created in order to provide effective resources and support to colleges as they work to strengthen their campus tobacco policies.  All colleges are invited to participate in the task force. 

Across the nation, many colleges/universities are considering implementing 100% tobacco-free campus policies.  As New Jersey has always been in the forefront of tobacco prevention policies, the task force will tackle this new at-risk population.

With representation from college policy experts, and tobacco policy experts, the task force is able to collaborate to reach the mutual goal of a tobacco-free college campus. 


Tobacco-Free Student Advisory Board 

Student involvement in policy change is essential.  8 out of 10 college students support tobacco-free campus policies.  Every college considering policy change is encouraged to have a student advisory board to ensure student representation.  

At the state level, NJ CUITS is inviting student champions to guide the work of the task force.  If you are a student, or would like to recommend a student to be involved, please email  

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